Miku Hinasaki

雛咲 深紅

Miku was taken in by Yuu Asou, who was a co-worker and friend of her brother Mafuyu. Yuu eventually introduces Miku to his fiancée Rei Kurosawa, and Miku works as an assistant photographer under Rei. The three live together under the same roof for a while; Miku has her own room where she keeps a photograph of herself and Mafuyu on her desk. While Yuu knows that Miku lost her brother, she has never spoken to Rei about it. Soon, Miku begins showing symptoms of the Tattooed Curse. During her waking hours she is tired and distant. Rei also catches her singing a lullaby. When she falls asleep she talks in her sleep, calling out for Mafuyu and her mother, as well as sobbing about "the ropes." When the tattoo is nearly covering Miku's body, she tells Rei that she understands the tattoo to be her punishment for living when Mafuyu died. Rei attempts to console her and assures her that they will get through the ordeal. Before Rei goes to bed, Miku tells her that the car accident wasn't her fault and trails off into an apology. She then asks to be left alone.Miku follows Mafuyu into the Manor of Sleep

Soon after, Miku succumbs to the curse and chases after what appears to be Mafuyu. Rei desperately tries to stop her, but can only watch as Miku fades and disappears. When Rei wakes from her dream, she finds Miku fast asleep with Engravers hovering around her. Miku will not wake up, but she is alive. Rei is able to find a way to stop the curse, and is able to free Miku as well as herself. Miku and Rei continue to live their lives, knowing the reason they both survived is so the ones they cared about who have passed on would live on through them.