Shiho Amagi

天城 志穂

Birthday: December 8 Birthplace: Tokyo Height: 164cm Weight: 47kg Blood type: AB type Three sizes 3: B85/W57/H86 Shiho is the head chef at the Haruto's part-time summer job in chapters 62-65. She immediately catches Haruto's attention with her beauty but soon shows her serious side once work begins. She takes work very seriously because she wants to become a professional chef. She believes the quality of the food for the customer must not be sacrificed because they are in a rush. Food must be cooked right and taste the same everytime it is prepared. In the kitchen, Shiho is strict and complains about and orders Haruto around to push him to his limits of tolerance. She develops trust in his abilities when letting him cook but puts him down every time she makes him return to washing dishes after messing up. However, during his time there, in and out of work, she repeatedly shows a kinder side by offering him a snack to refresh his energy and compliments him for his endurance and dedication. Shiho develops quiet, one-sided feelings for Haruto after observing him work, admiring his integrity in cooking, and dedication to Eba. She becomes flustered when Haruto compliments her cooking and skills and says she is jealous of Eba. In the end, Shiho remains quiet of her growing feelings and wishes Haruto luck on his long-distance relationship, believing they can last a year with ease.