ヤンダ; 安田, Yanda
Yanda given name Yasuda is a friend of Koiwai and Jumbo. Though mentioned in the first and fourth chapters when Jumbo calls Yanda quotno goodquot for making lame excuses for not helping the Koiwais move he does not appear until chapter 30. He is somewhat childish as shown by the titfortat pranks he plays on Yotsuba including bribing her with candy then taking it back when it does not work eating her ice cream and prankcalling her and is shown enjoying teasing Yotsuba and acting as her quotnemesisquot. Koiwai refers to Yanda as his khai but in what context he is Koiwai039s junior is unknown. He is living from paycheck to paycheck telling Koiwai that he eats instant ramen because he does not get paid until the end of the month and only eating frozen meals the rest of the time. Source: Wikipedia