Agaard Jum Sai

Demon Emperor of Underground Muay Thai,The Sovereign of Fists and Emperor of Elbows
  • First appearance: Battle 266 Age: Mid-30s Type: Sei Type: Satsujin Ken Yami Symbol: Flame * Martial Arts: Muay Thai and Muay Boran Agaard Jum Sai is the Muay Thai Master of Yami's One Shadow Nine Fists and the master of Tirawit Koukin. He is a tall, dark-skinned and incredibly muscular man with tribal tattoos on his face, much like those of his disciple. He has dark red hair and is always wearing a smile like his fellow fist Diego Carlo, as well as having bizarre eyes wih a plus in the middle. His overall physical appearance is similar to Apachai's. Agaard is a battle-loving man who is very willing to risk his life to beat his opponent, though doesn't wish to fight unless the opponent is strong. He is also more laid back than the other Fists that have appeared and has a very terrifying ability; a powerful charismatic aura. He can bring anyone around him under him and easily influence them without any effort, and does it unintentionally. He has also shown to be rather intelligent, as he regularly quizzes his disciple on how an enemy is acting or what they will do during a mission, and is very polite, asking his disciple to be respectful to the weapon's division members even if they were weaker. Agaard's manipulation has had some positive results that contributed to his past bond with Apachai, who only listened to the then junior champion of the ring. The effect has even had mutual results, since Agaard cried at the fact that both he and Apachai were walking the same path, and would one day have to kill each other. Agaard has also been shown to genuinely care for Apachai, as he thanks Kenichi for being Apachai's disciple, furthering both master and disciple into the martial arts world. Upon falling from Apachai's attacks, Agaard recognizes the Katsujin Ken as equal to the Satsujin Ken, and even congratulates Apachai on being able to perfect his Muay Thai through being able to hold back. His disciple Koukin has shown that he is terrified of his master, hinting to a darker side to the Demon Emperor. For what reason Tirawit is terrified of Agaard is unknown, though it is connected to Agaard's power and release of Ki. Agaard himself has only seen Koukin when he was calm up until his disciple's Dou-esque rage against Kenichi, indicating that Koukin may have recognized his master's power immediately and wisely chose not to do anything that might anger him. In spite of his terrifying Ki, he is not without honor, as he admitted defeat at the hands of Apachai and willingly let him choose what to do with him afterwards. Since meeting Kenichi, Agaard has taken a liking towards him, stating to Apachai that his disciple is something else. His respect towards Kenichi has grown to the point of even instructing him on fighting the Bantou Master to save his life. As with Koukin, Agaard does care for his disciple, as shown when he did not scold him for his loss at the hands of Kenichi and said his fight with him was magnificent. As a teenager, Agaard sees a child Apachai's extreme abilities at Muay Thai in an underground Muay Thai ring in Thailand and buys him off of the crime boss who had difficulty controlling him. He easily wins Apachai's trust by promising the Muay Thai prodigy with large amounts of food. Years later, both Agaard and Apachai promise to push themselves to the top of the Muay Thai ring and are both shown in their peaceful days of training after their master died. When Agaard reaches the finals of his match, he holds his own for a while before throwing the match in order to keep Apachai, who would be sent to another gym if Agaard won the match, at his gym. Agaard is shown to later have used a killing move that took effect late on his opponent, as the opponent dies shortly after touching the belt. Around this time, Agaard leaves his gym and heads off on his own path, joining Yami sometime after and killing the members of Muay Thai gym after gym, eventually confronting Apachai. He ends his battle with Apachai casually because the latter stopped training in order to keep his strength in check. Later, Agaard attacks the headquarters of Underground Muay Thai and kills several of its members and the top three masters of Muay Boran.