Tomio Ookawa


The owner of the liquor store. Tomio is an intimidating man and disciplines his son with an iron fist. He has a strong belief in the unwritten old rules of the village, such as everyone new must greet their neighbors, and is increasingly irritated over times as many common rules of Sotoba are unnaturally bent when the Shiki start infiltrating.

When Ozaki Toshio successfully exposes the Shiki's existence, Tomio was one of the first ready to join him in the Shiki's extermination. He later stakes his own son Atsushi, who became a Shiki, to death. When it turns out that Seishin is in allegiance with the Kirishiki, he leads some villagers to assault his temple, killing Seishin's mother and several attendants. At the end of the series, he chases Sunako to the church in the forest and tries to kill her, claiming that she has broken the rules that God has set. He's killed by Seishin, who by then has become a werewolf.