レイジ, Rage

Birthday: November 15 Age: 18 Blood Type: A Height: 152 cm Measurements: 82-60-80 Originally works for the American record company XMR of which her father is the president. She tries to get Shuichi to sign with XMR when he leaves Japan after Eiri breaks up with him. Further continuing the Americans-with-guns stereotype, Reiji is often seen with some sort of projectile weapon, which is more often than not a bazooka. Reiji's ultimate weapon however is her giant Panda mecha, in reference to the fact that she wears glasses, a common insult to meganekko. During her stay in New York, Reiji falls in love with Shuichi, but does not quite understands these feelings at first. She accepts that it can only be a one-sided affection, though that does not stop her from following him back to Japan and becomes Bad Luck's temporary manager while K is suspended. She continues to hang around after his return until Ryuichi decides he wants to return to the U.S. and be an actor; Reiji returns with him to be his new manager. Reiji is somewhat of a parody of the female otaku in that she sports an interest in yaoi and "queer Asians". She also has a fetish with dressing the band in odd clothing that sometimes includes cosplay.