Fujitaka Kinomoto

木之本 藤隆
Birthday: March 1st Occupation: College Professor Favorite Food: Sweet Things and Menrui Favorite Colors: White Ivory and Brown Favorite Flowers: Nadeshiko Peach and Cherry Hobby Cooking Fujitaka Kinomoto is the father of titular character Sakura Kinomoto and a reincarnation of the creator of the Clow Cards Clow Reed. A busy professor of archaeology at Towa University Fujitaka is a kind and caring father. He met his late wife Nadeshiko while doing his first year as a teacher at her high school. Nadeshiko had climbed a tree to return a baby bird to its nest but fell out of the tree landing on Fujitaka. Upon seeing her he stated that an angel has fallen from the sky. They fell in love and married when she was sixteen. Though Nadeshiko died seven years before the start of the series Fujitaka is shown to still be very much in love with her and devoted to her memory. He keeps a picture of her in the dining room changing it each morning. Little is initially said about Fujitakas family or past. During the second half of the series it is revealed that when Clow Reed divided his soul seeking to no longer be the most powerful magician in the world he split it into two halves one which became Eriol Hiiragizawa holding all of the magic and memories and the other being Fujitaka who has no magic of his own but fathered the one who would inherit the cards. It is stated that Fujitaka has no magical powers of his own but he is also unaffected by other peoples magic such as the Eriols sleep spell. At the end of the series Eriol gives half of his magic to Fujitaka. This enables Fujitaka to finally see the spirit of Nadeshiko who has been watching over her family since her death. In the anime adaptation Fujitakas role as the other half of Clow Reeds reincarnation is completely removed as is his immunity to Eriols magic and he is never able to see Nadeshikos spirit. He is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka. In the Cardcaptors English adaptation his name is changed to Aiden Avalon and he is voiced by Brian Drummond. Source: Wikipedia Chapter Eight of Cardcaptor Sakura