Spinel Sun

スピネル・サン, Suppie, Soupy
Spinel Sun is the catlike magical guardian created by Eriol Hiiragizawa as a counter part to Clow Reeds original guardian Cerberus. Spinel Suns true form is a winged black panther while his false form is similar to a small winged cat. Nicknamed Suppi by Ruby Moon Spinel Sun spends most of his time reading and projects a calm demeanor. Ruby Moon often teases him that he needs to have more fun. During the series he mostly remains out of sight of the main characters except when he once runs into Cerberus in his false form. Fortunately for him Cerberus doesnt suspect anything and instead declares him a monster and feeds him sweets not realizing that the sweets would turn Spinel Sun into a hyperactive eating machine. Cerberus does not learn his true identity until just before the final battle where the two cats face one another. Initially Spinel Sun appears to have the upper hand however Cerberus greater determination to protect Sakura enable him to defeat him. In the anime adaptation he voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in his true form and by Yumi Tma in his false form. In the second Cardcaptor Sakura movie his false form briefly appears and is voiced by Philece Sampler. In the English adaptation Cardcaptors his name is changed to Spinner Sun and both forms are voiced by Colin Murdock.