Kei Tanishi

田仁志 慧

Higa Chuu, 3rd Year, Class 5, Number 15 Birthday (Star Sign): October 23 (Libra) Blood Type: A Dominant Hand: Right Special Techniques: Shukuchihou, Carioca Step, Big Bang Favourite Food: Ice-cream, Cola, Rafute Hobbies: Skipping stones Family: Mother, Father, 4 older brothers, 2 younger sisters, 2 younger brothers Father's Occupation (Family Business): Restaurant Owner Committees: None Best Subject: Cooking Worst Subject: Modern Literature, Social Studies (Memorisation) Most Visited School Spot: Cafeteria Elementary School: South Ryuukyuu Elementary School Spends Allowance on: Buying Food Motto: Bigger is better Favourite Movie: Anime Favourite Book: Gourmet Manga Favourite Music: Para Para Favourite Colour: Ultramarine Favourite Type: Any girl who'd have me! Date Spot he wants to go to: Disco Thing he wants most now: King-sized bed Daily Routine: M-O-R-E!! (probably having seconds of everything hahaha) Thing he's bad at: Puzzles Special Skill Apart from Tennis: Okinawan Martial Arts, Tong Eating