Shizuru Fujino


Birthday: 12/19 Blood Type: AB Height: 162cm Weight: 46kg B/W/H: 85/57/82 Child: Kiyohime Not only that she's a senior at Fuuka Academy, Shizuru is also the President of the Fuuka Academy student council. She has her own fanclub that follows her everywhere, thanks to her cool yet inviting disposition and distinctive Kyoto accent which had made her quite popular with students of both genders.

In the anime, Shizuru is in love with Kuga Natsuki. In episode 21, she saved Natsuki from Nao. In episode 22, she sneaked a kiss while Natsuki was asleep. In episode 23, Natsuki found out about Shizuru's feelings and pushed her hand away. Feeling hurt and rejected, Shizuru decided to not hide her feelings for Natsuki any more and vowed to defeat all the other HiME for Natsuki's sake.