Grace is a Coordinator who appeared in Pros and Con Artists! and Come What May! as a competitor in the Fallarbor Town Contest. May was very impressed with Grace and respected her very much as a Coordinator. Whenever May complimented her, Grace's face became red and she began laughing hysterically. When May ended up battling her in the Contest, they both put up a good fight. However, in the end, May's Beautifly ended up being stronger than Grace's Medicham, and she ended up winning her first contest ribbon. After the battle, May complimented Grace on her battling skills, and once again her face turned red and she began laughing. Despite losing, Grace proved herself to be a very skilled Coordinator. She trains with her Medicham by having it float in the air. Grace was also able to tell that Team Rocket was selling fake Pokéblock for the Contest when nobody else was able to. She asked, "What berries are in those?" to which Meowth answered: "Umm... Berries?" Grace had a cameo appearance in Deceit and Assist, watching the Hoenn Grand Festival on TV.