エリコ, Erica

Erica's first appearance was in Mean with Envy. She and her boyfriend Joshua were training for the Pacifidlog Town Contest. Erica hoped that she and Joshua would be the first couple to become winners in the Contest. Much to Erica's chagrin, May began training with Joshua. They were only doing so as friends, but Erica refused to believe May's story. She was convinced that May was going to steal Joshua away from her. During the contest in Pacifidlog Jam, Joshua faced off against May. Erica hoped that Joshua would defeat her, but she was stunned when May ended up defeating him. Now more than ever, Erica wanted to defeat May. However, when May defeated Erica, the Coordinator had a change of heart. She told May that she was jealous of her, and that she shouldn't have been. She and Joshua both had cameos watching May on TV during the Hoenn Grand Festival.