Kurau Amami

天箕 クラウ
A mysterious young woman employed as an quotAgentquot: A freelance operative who takes any job that039s potentially too dangerous or illegal to involve normal private eyes or the Global Police Organization GPO. Although barely in her twenties Kurau is already one of the best in the business and the rumor is that there039s no job she won039t take or anything she can039t do. Very few know much more than that however because there039s no one who really knows her and her past is a complete mystery. In truth the Kurau the world sees is actually the result of a freak accident in which her younger self039s body became fused with an energybeing called a Rynax. This is not a case of two beings sharing one body though as the two personalities have merged into a new composite creature that shares two different pasts. As a result Kurau is the ultimate loner not quite comfortable with human society and forced to shun close relationships with other humans lest they discover her secret. At the same time she longs to be reunited with her Rynax quotPairquot whose essence sleeps inside her. wikipedia