Yuka Ayase

綾瀬 優香
Yuka Ayase known in Revelations: Persona as Alana is a temptress with pigtails. Yuka is taken as the mandatory fifth member of the team if the player doesn039t take along Hidehiko or Eriko and didn039t do the preliminary work to obtain Reiji. She is however a mandatory character during the Snow Queen Quest. Yuka039s melee weapon is a whip but she can also use handguns. Her initial Persona is Houris. Yuka wears a striped jacket similar to the uniform pattern of the students in Shin Megami Tensei if... over her school uniform which makes it appear as if she039s wearing a plaid skirt only because of the length of the jacket. Rise Kujikawa039s look from Persona 4 is very reminiscent to Yuka039s.