Reiji Kido

城戸 玲司

Reiji Kido known in Revelations: Persona as Chris, is a long-haired student with an X-shaped scar in his face who is seen sneaking around St. Hermelin High School and around the SEBEC building. He is relentlessly hunting down Takahisa; Consequently, he does not socialize well with the other party members. Reiji is the half-brother of Takahisa, the product of an affair between Takahisa's father and his mistress. He is disgruntled because Takahisa's father abandoned his mother when she became pregnant with Reiji. He is the most difficult party member to recruit. Reiji appears on the TV program "Who's Who" in Persona 3. He is introduced initially as a man in his 20's with a "sour face", which is immediately recanted and changed to "a handsome salaryman". The host wonders aloud how Reiji got the scar on his forehead, which he's trying in vain to hide with his hair. Apart from an assault rifle as his long-range weapon, Reiji enters battle armed only with his fists. His initial Persona is Bres. Reiji wears a St. Hermelin High uniform like the other students, albeit unbuttoned and disheveled.