Yukino Mayuzumi

黛 ゆきの, Yukki

Birthday: April 9 Zodiac Sign: Aries Blood Type: A Yukino was an ex-yanki who was reformed thanks to the efforts of her teacher Saeko Takami. Though she hasn't shed her yanki looks just yet, Yukino is well-recognized and trusted by the student body, acting as a mother figure of sorts to her friends. In Persona 2, she is still holding dear the memory of her former teacher Ms. Saeko, who rescued her from a life of crime, Yukino is compelled to do the same for another student who seems about to embark down the same path, Anna Yoshizaka. She harbors a deep-seated crush for Fujii, and tries to disguise her tomboy traits in his presence. Yukino fights by throwing razor blades. Her long-range weapon is a double-barreled shotgun. Her initial Persona is Vesta. Yukino wears a modified version of her St. Hermelin uniform; unlike other female characters, her skirt is ankle-length and adorned with safety pins, similar to the style worn by gangster females in Japan.