Hidehito Kijima

貴島 秀人

Kijima Hidehito 貴島 秀人 is a 21-year old actor who has already co-starred with Ren in several other dramas. He is also a part of the Dark Moon cast, although his role was never mentioned in the manga. Hidehito loves girls, both co-stars and fans alike. He has a crush on Momose Itsumi and Oohara Airi and even asked Ren for their phone numbers, which Ren didn’t have. He called Ren boring because of it. He later called Ren a fast mover for a large animal his size – large animals are slow movers. He doesn’t dislike Kyoko, but he doesn’t think that she would be the type to attract onlookers like Itsumi will when both actresses would be at the same scenes together more as the story progresses more. Ren didn’t take his comments about Kyoko personally and generally thinks he’s harmless. However, Hidehito became very curious to see her when she visited the Dark Moon location shoot in her Natsu character when Dark Moon and Box “R” shot at the same area. He never got to see her because Ren took her away, but heard everyone talked about how pretty Kyoko looked. Another thing about Hidehito is that he also likes children. He would play with a lot of the kids in the cast of Dark Moon in between takes. Ren and Yashiro talked about how he must genuinely like children because a person who doesn’t like them wouldn’t just take a sucker punch from a kid lightly. He first appears in Chapter 101 Source: http://skipbeatlexicon.wordpress.com/2009/07/18/kijima-hidehito/