バレッタ, Baby Bonnie Hood

Bulleta's profession was founded because droves of creatures from Makai had already flowed into the human world. Many of these creatures have since earned the interest of humans, be it scientific, prejudice, or simple curiosity. Items usable for decorations, materials that don't exist in the human world (such as the liquid and blood from their internal organs) are of keen interest, especially for research for bio-weapons and such. A "Darkhunter" is a job that was born to meet the demand for these clients. These hunters hunt down creatures and get the reward money corresponding to the creature they hunt. The high risk is countered by the exceptional pricetag attached to most demons. But because they hunt the creatures of the night, failure is not an option. Failing would mean one thing; death. To fight against these creatures, having a fit body, martial arts skills and firearms are not enough. It is possible for a Class-C creature to slaughter an entire army of first class elite soldiers. A strong mind and spirit is needed to keep one's self from losing their own sanity, and a dark heart is required so that they are not poisoned by the evil aura that the creatures emanate. Several hundred darkhunters are said to exist in the world, their skills varying greatly. Some of these hunters can barely kill a wild beast from Makai, let alone a Darkstalker. Within these hunters, B.B. Hood is a "Special S-Class" hunter, meaning she's one of the best there is. Her stare alone can cause the lower ranking darkstalkers to be filled with fear, and she is able to deflect many kinds of physical attacks. Many say that she was born to be a hunter. Her heart was dark enough that Jedah considered her a Darkstalker and transported her into the Majigen as a worthy soul. When she was pulled into the Majigen by Jedah, she simply looked around and said, "Heh, they're all mine... it's been a long time since I had a job this big." Sega Saturn Magazine praised her design, describing her as "a really cool original character" and noting the viability of her attacks.[7] In January 1998, she was named the best character of 1997 by Gamest magazine.[8] She was created as a way of showing that humans can be more terrifying and bloodthirsty than any monster. She may also be a reference to Roald Dahl's version of the Red Riding Hood story, in which Red shoots the wolf dead and makes a coat out of him. In Japan, she is known as Bulleta. Her English name is most likely a pun of "Little Red Riding Hood", whom she resembles in design. This is supported by the fact that one of her attacks features her mourning for the grandmother whom she lost, and a special animation plays when she starts a battle with Jon Talbain/Gallon.