Akane Sonoyama


A genius scholar, known as one of the Seven Fools in the ER3 System: Akane Sonoyama. Proud of her abilities in mathematics and English, Akane strives with her intellect; however, she doesn't do well in yojijukugo. In her younger years, she became a champion in a Karate tournament, making her capable of defending herself with ease.

Akane is relatively friendly towards others, regardless of their intellect ability, though this doesn't stand if they're painters such as Kanami Ibuki. Unfortunately for Kanami, she faces the brunt of Akane's hatred for them, as she considers them to be, "worse than thieves." Though this can concern others, such as Ii, Akane does have a good sense of humour. Additionally, she smokes and is quite anti-feminist.

When Akane is accused of the first decapitation, she says she is innocent as she considers painters not being worth killing.

As a member of the Seven Fools, Akane has higher intellect than a majority of other geniuses. Despite this, she considers Fraulein Love and Assistant Professor Hewlett to be the second and first smartest people in the ER3 System, respectively. The depths of her ability aren't entirely known, though she is capable of playing Shogi against herself in her head.

At the end of Kubikiri Cycle, it's revealed that Akane and Kanami had switched identities before attending Wet Crow's Feather Island for fun and that the real Akane was decapitated. Thus, the real Kanami lived and now lives as Akane. Upon being caught for her murders and being sent back to land, she drops out of the Seven Fools and lives her days somewhere else, likely with Shinya Sakaki.