Kanami Ibuki

An esteemed painter without any fixed style who was once blind: Kanami Ibuki. After miraculously having her vision restored she became a painter as a way of portraying the beauty she witnesses. Along with her prior blindness Kanami has bad legs and is unable to walk around much if at all thus she sits in a wheelchairlike apparatus. Since she was blind shes had a caretaker Shinya Sakaki. Once her vision returned Shinya taught Kanami how to paint though was swiftly surpassed by her. Kanami is a rather quiet person keeping herself neat and tidy though she is more than capable of talking even arguing with others. She doesnt get along well with others and can easily hate other people though she hates Akane Sonoyama the most. Besides that Kanami can have calm conversations with Ii or apologize if she goes too far. When conversing with Ii she often says You didnt know? as a catchphrase. Kanami is a harsh artist and will not hesitate to destroy a piece shes made. If the arts audience cannot describe what makes it good she considers it worthless and simply shrugs it off. Akane and Kanami often verbalize how much they hate each other even with the slightest of mention. Kanami however respects Akanes position but hates her as a person. On the contrary Akane hates painters but doesnt particularly hate Kanami herself.