Yayoi Sashirono


A genius chef that has been an attendant of Wet Crow's Feather Island for the longest out of anyone else: Yayoi Sashirono. Acting as the island's main chef, she makes exquisite meals that are rumoured to be impossible to recreate even with a recipe. When Yayoi was younger, she opted to become a chef as she has phenomenal tasting and smelling abilities, able to discern much more flavours and scents than the average person. On top of that, she is able to figure out a person's blood type just from tasting their sweat.

Unlike most of the other island residents and guests,Yayoi herself is down to earth and exuberant. Despite her great abilities as a chef, she is not arrogant whatsoever and just enjoys cooking.

As the decapitations occur, Yayoi is greatly affected unlike the others, and becomes extremely paranoid. She, along with Ii and Tomo Kunagisa solve the mystery of the decapitations and throw a ruse to catch the culprits.