Bunta Marui

丸井 ブン太, the Magician
Elementary School: Kanagawa Daisan Elementary School Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu 3rd Year Class: 3B 16 Birthday: 20th April Taurus Height: 164cm Weight: 62kg Blood Type: B Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Serve and Volley Shoes: WILSON CROSS FIRE DST 02 S1121X Racket: WILSON TRYADD3 115 Special Move: Tightrope walking Metal Ball hitTemporal Difference Hell. Favourite Food: I like all of em Hobby: Going to hotel buffets Family: Grandmother Father Mother 2 Younger Brothers Fathers occupation: Office worker Tailor Favourite Subject: Japanese Music Often visited place in school: home economics room Favourite Colour: Red Preferred type: People that give me thing mostly food Girly Type Marui Bunta is Rikkais very own volley specialist. Marui is very confident of his skills and is not at least afraid to flaunt it. Despite of his abilities his main weakness is his lack of stamina which he compensates by eating sweets and gums during tennis games. In Temporal difference Hell he seems to feint a smash then catches it on his racket from behind his back instead and thus returns it differently at the last moment. Was used in the Finals match against Kikumaru and Oishi.