Tomoe Emoto

江本智恵, Tomo

A college student that is friends with Mikoko. Tomoe attends Rokumeikan Private University with her friends. Similar to Ii, Tomoe has an inferiority complex and wishes to become someone like Mikoko. Furthermore, she considers herself a "Defective Product," making Ii interested in learning more about her.

Tomoe respects the boundaries of others, not pushing or pulling those boundaries. She will not open up to anyone, nor will she let others open up much to her. Contrary to this, Tomoe opens up more with Ii because they are similar in nature. She also was held back a year after being in a hospital for a long duration back in middle school.

On her 20th birthday, she was strangled to death after a birthday party was held with her friends and Ii. Mikoko ended up strangling her out of jealousy as Tomoe connected with Ii.