Miriallia Haww

Rank: Crewman 2nd Class PHASE15 Age: 16 GS 18 GSD Birthday: February 17 Blood type: AB Genetic type: Natural Height: 159 cm She lives in Heliopolis a space colony in Orb where she is enrolled in the technical college with Kira Sai Flay Tolle and Kuzzey. She is inseparable with her boyfriend Tolle almost attached at the hip but they do not show their affection in public. Her personality is mature and well rounded. She Tolle Sai and Kuzzey end up as refugees on the Archangel but after seeing Kira in battle they decide to help out on the bridge for the time being. When the 8th feet arrived they are handed discharge papers but they decided to stay right until the end. Kuzzey ended up quitting in Orb Her job is to communicate and monitor the Archangel039s mobile suits the ones Kira Mu and Tolle are in. In Destiny she is a photographer but later joins the Archangel doing the same job she did on the bridge. She is also briefly seen in the side story quotMobile Suit Gundam Seed: X Astrayquot taking pictures.