Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

十四代目葛葉ライドウ, Jouhei, 錠平
The main protagonist of the manga. Raidou is actually an alias. He has true name but in order to inherit the name Raidou Kuzunoha he has to throw away his true name and very self. He is a student in Yumizuki Imperial High School. He is partnered with Goutodouji a black cat. Gouto actually can talk but only summoners that can hear his voice. Raidou doesn039t talk too much. He is pretty much distances himself but he has a soft side. He stayed in Narumi Detective Agency to cover up his true duty Protector of the Capital. It is unknown whether or not he has parents. His sword play is outstanding and his gun play is no match. As a Devil Summoner he uses demon sealing tubes or kuda in Japanese to summon demons.