Eve Tilm

イヴ・ティルム, Holy Night Eve

Eve was once trained to be one of the Magic Council's knights but since the council dissolved, Eve was left out of a job. With this he recently joined Blue Pegasus and was invited to join the Trimens.

Oración Seis arc: Eve, along with Hibiki Laytis and Ren Akatsuki, acts as a greeter to the other members of the Light Team, though the three of them are more womanizers than anything, instantly trying to woo Lucy Heartfilia and Erza Scarlet (and later Wendy Marvell). After briefing the others on who the Oración Seis are, the group (save Jura Nekis and Ichiya Wanderlei Kotobuki) take off to find them. Soon after, they are quickly beaten and nearly left for dead, but at the last minute they are saved by Jura and healed by Ichiya afterwards. The alliance then regroups and splits up to find the Oración Seis' base and rescue Wendy and Happy who were both taken by Brain. Eve stays with Ren as they near the hideout but run into Dark Unicorn, one of the dark guilds allied with the Oración Seis, however unlike the Oración Seis, the two were easily able to defeat them. When Nirvana is activated, he and Ren split up. Eve goes towards the direction of black light shooting off from Nirvana, but is stopped by Midnight who easily defeats him. He later assists his teammates along with Lyon Bastia and Sherry Blendi to stop Zero from destroying the Cait Shelter Guild. As they succeed, they regroup with the others as they defeat Zero and destroy Nirvana where they learn Cait Shelter's secret. As they depart, he and Hibiki save Ren from Lyon.