Haruhiko Kubota

春日子 久保田, Kubo

Age: 20 Jersey: #7 Kubota is one of the four forwards of the Osaka Gunners. Kubota used to be a defender and even played on the U-19 National team in that position. However, he never did anything spectacular. By chance, Dulfer assigned him to be a forward during the pre-season training camp and realised that everything Kubota did as a forward was designed to score goals. Kubota himself delights in being a forward and is thankful to Dulfer for converting him into one. He was pitted against Sugie when the Gunners played ETU and left Sugie in the dust. But in doing so Kubota, who lacks stamina, wore himself out and had to be substituted. As he is the key to the the Gunners's relentless assualt, his substitution saw an end of the Gunners relentless assault. He and Tsubaki have a mutual admiration of each other. Kubota played with Akasaki for the U-23 National Olympic Team during the teams preliminary match against Hong Kong. (Source: Wikipedia)