Rulishia is the female lead in the Demon Chapter. Her aim was to climb Carmines tower because she thought she could become the master of a strong dragon. She did this because she deeply sought revenge for the death of her father who died in a Ryuto match when she was a child. She witnessed his brutal end only a few feet away and was heartbroken over this, thus she wanted to avenge him and become a great Ryuto warrior just like her father. She easily became the master of Carmine, (whom she called Vermillion instead), possibly due to the fact that Rulishia had reminded Carmine of his previous, true master. Rulishia had her first match as a Ryuto warrior, but was shaken by the battle as she did not want Vermillion to kill the opposing dragon or human in the match and let out a scream telling him to stop. Still she carried on through the matches and was about to reach the dome as it would be their last match since Rulishia wished to stop the hunt for revenge and live with Vermillion in his tower. They won what as supposed to be their last match easily and declined the chance to fight a 2nd match for extra prize money. After receiving the small sum they made from a single match demon beetles attacked the dome and Vermillion was realizing the return of the Demon King had came. The black dragon that had killed Rulishias father had assisted and killed the commandos in charge of protecting the town that was destroyed. This gave Rulishia a chance for revenge at last and with the help of Vermillion. Upon finally killing the black dragon, which had turned out to be a demon infiltrating the Ryuto, Vermillion had to go off with the rest of the dragons to fight the Demon King and protect the earth. Rulishia was also aware that the horn she thought she got from Vermillion was a fake as he then explained that he promised a young girl that he would protect the beautiful sky no matter what. Rulishia was left alone at the tower with Booster Dragon as Vermillion and the other dragons flew towards the Demon King to fight.