Lir Orla


The eldest of the Orla family, Ril has short pink hair and a cool and calm disposition. Ril also appears to be knowledgeable in Cursed Eyes, Rule Fragments, and the Legendary existence, noted when he could tell that Ryner has "The Solver of All Equation" implanted inside his body which his brother failed to notice. Unlike his siblings, Sui and Kuu, he operates alone and carries out infiltration and assassination missions for the Gastark Empire.

When he first fought Froaude, he was demonstrated to be a quick-witted and cunning opponent, and almost killed Froaude if not for the timely arrival of Claugh. Later, during the battle with Geihlficlant, as Ryner was covering for Ferris, he took advantage of an opening and stole Ryner's Alpha Stigma. Thinking that Ryner's death was imminent, as to a Cursed Eye bearer, the eyes are as important an organ as the brain or the heart, he left the battlefield together with his siblings without realizing what he did was part of Voice's plan in triggering off Ryner's complete awakening.


He wields the Rule Fragment, “The Ring of Thunder Beasts (來獣の指輪?)”, allowing him to summon magical beasts of light. The Ring is said to be on the same level of power as Froaude's “Ring of the Dark Emperor”. He also possesses the Rule Fragment, "Rock Devourer (石喰い スパンクエル?, Supan Kueru)" which is used to extract out crystals from Cursed Eyes. In addition to that, he possesses a number of crystallized “Cursed Eyes” which he can invoke as weapons.