The leader of the Star Commanders, his recent appearance suggests he is very lazy and forgetful. He has an eye-patch over his right eye. His PSI ability is an amazing telekinesis, as he used it to create a massive building from thousands of pieces in a matter of minutes, while in conversation. Grana has also demonstrated an ability called 'Sun Fall', where he can use telekinesis to literally bend light photons and create a massive beam capable of disintegrating most matter instantly. He ordered for Shiner and Dholaki to retrieve Ageha and bring him back to the WISE headquarters. When Miroku confronted Grana in the past to recruit him into W.I.S.E. it was revealed that Grana was the original 'prototype' created by the organization that later created Junas, Miroku and Nemesis Q's creator. It is revealed that he was the one responsible for killing Matsuri and Kagetora in the future along with Shiner. (Wikipedia)