Saki Itabashi


Saki Itabashi was an anime-only character who appeared in the Stars season. She was a professional photographer, and a real star of the photo industry. She took a series of photos of the Three Lights which were later used for magazine covers. Minako, who was working as an assistant to the idol group while Saki was working with them, was first annoyed by the photographer's abrasive personality, but gradually came to understand Saki's work ethic and drive to be successful. Sailor Iron Mouse thought that Saki might be the bearer of a true Star Seed, but discovered that she was wrong. She abandoned her target, who turned into the Phage Sailor Gekisha. With the help of Sailor Venus and the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Moon turned Saki back to normal. Saki was the only human whose Star Seed appeared in front of their chest. Wikimoon