Kenta Kobashi

小橋 健太
Kobashi stands as one of the lower key boxers having entered boxing in the same class and year as Ippo. While both are openly shy and mellow in temperament Kobashi does not share Ippo039s skill as a boxer and resorts to duller tactics to attain victory in the ring. He trains at the Ohtaki Gym. In matches he is known to throw together simple jabs footwork and clinching in a defensive style designed to win on points. Lacking destructive power in his punches Kobashi has focused on less aggressive boxing and even utilizes a strong crossarm block to hold superior attackers at bay. His trainer mentions that his boxing style is similar to quotSlapsiequot Maxie Rosenbloom who had 209 victories but only won 19 of them by KO. He like his trainer would spy on his opponent to study and find weaknesses that he can use to formulate a strategy that can easily win by points. Incidentally this is the name of reallife professional wrestler Kenta Kobashi however the kanji for his real name is the same while the kanji for his ring name can be seen in the article on the wrestler as well as the two being shown on the Japanese version thereof. Voiced by: Taiki Matsuno