Takuya Saotome

He is Kazuyas descendant. His appearance comes with a red trenchcoat white pants and a yellow hat. He wears a type of muscle suit that covers his torso and arms with specifications Which is to hide his obese body. He has specially designed helmet that has an opening mouthpiece to eat or drink Especially milk which is his favorite. He first appears in the second episode watching over May. In the same episode he guides Kazuya Without his knowledge to May who was lost in the city. He fully introduces himself in the 5th episode after May is repossessed. He shows interest in Kazuyas research with Artificial Intelligence he then allows Kazuya to choose a CyberDoll for research. To Kazuyas request he arranges May to be returned to him and in a fullsized body as a bonus. His main ability lies in his incredibly fast typing skills which even with only one hand was able to keep up with Kotoros long and fast password. He isnt fully unmasked until after the credits in the 10th episode. He shown with green hair and wearing orange lens glasses with red trim. Source: Wikipedia