Ayame Souma

草摩綾女, Ayame Soma
Zodiac Animal: Snake The snake of the zodiac and big brother to Yuki Ayame is vivacious garrulous and has a knack for making Yuki and Kyo angry. He runs a business that makes womens clothing which men apparently wear as well and he often wears womens clothing himself. He named his shop after himself and runs it with Mine who is later revealed to be Ayames girlfriend and the seamstress of the store. Ayame designs the dresses erotic as some or all of them may be. Vain and somewhat selfconscious he is really a thoughtful person underneath his selective skin. He has gorgeous gold eyes and silver hair in a startling contrast to Yukis violet and grey. His fear coincidentally is a fear of being totally alone. Much to Yukis chagrin and surprise he was actually the student body president in high school. When Ayame was young he did not care for Yuki at all until he realized that when he got older he would be totally alone without Yuki spurring his new obsession to gaining Yukis love shown in the series. Yuki has slowly started to accept Ayame as a brother. Source: Wikipedia