Manabu Yukimitsu

雪光 学, Yuki, The Ambusher
Position: Wide Receiver/Special Teams Jersey: 16 40 yard dash: 5.5 seconds Bench Press: Unknown Height: 179 cm 5 10 Weight: 67 kg 147 lb Blood Type: A Birthday: February 29 Graduated From: Deimon 3rd Middle School 2nd Year Student Grade 11 Yukimitsu is the bench player of the Deimon Devil Bats. He makes his first appearance after watching the Zokugaku vs Deimon exhibition match. He has a big forehead with a prominent widows peak which appears consistent with the first signs of male pattern baldness. He initially combs his hair back emphasising this even more. His mother wants him to be a studious person and makes him study from day till night in addition to going to cram school even his name means study. Yukimitsu has missed many festivals and games throughout his childhood and youth and regrets it terribly. Though not physically fit Yukimitsu has a talent for memorizing plays and pass routes. One of the three smartest students at Deimon with Mamori and Hiruma. He trains just as hard if not harder than everyone else. Source: Wikipedia