Tokichi Mikuni


Tokichi is a spoiled rich boy, because his father is the owner of Mikuni Corporation. When he first meets the Seiba Brothers, Go takes an instant liking to him, most likely because of his money. His family owns an arcade (which instantly attracts Go), which is always the hot spot for kids. When speaking, he pronounces "desu" (です, meaning "is" or "to be") as "degesu" (でげす). His strength is making cars with emphasis on their technical cornering ability. Tokichi also likes to make his entrances in overly extravagant manners stereotypical of rich people, such as jumping out of a helicopter, arriving in a limousine, and surrounded with an entourage with great fanfare. Cars: Spin Axe (スピンアックス Supin Akkusu), Spin Cobra (スピンコブラ Supin Kobura), Spin Viper (スピンバイパー Supin Baipā) Birthday: March 3 Blood type: B Height: 118 cm (roughly 3'10") Weight: 28 kg (roughly 62 pounds) Hobby: Japanese tea ceremony * Hometown: Japan (Information from Wikipedia)