Lymsleia Falenas


Lymsleia, often shortened to Lym, is the Princess of Falena and heir to the throne. She is the younger sister of the Prince and the daughter to Queen Arshtat and Ferid; Sialeeds is her aunt. She is 10 years old at the beginning of Suikoden V. She is polite and dutiful to her family, and dotes on her older brother. She is protected by the Queen's Knight Miakis, who is also her friend. Despite being young, Lymsleia proves quite adept at politics.

Lymsleia is less than thrilled with the prospect of the Sacred Games because she will not be able to meet or choose the man she will marry. Her opinion of her possible husbands is equally low, especially of those who use champions as representatives in the game since her father Ferid won Arshtat's heart on his own. After Gizel Godwin wins the Princess's hand, Lymsleia is obliged by tradition to go through a purification rite. With her brother and Sialeeds, Lymsleia travels to the East Palace to receive the blessing of the (stolen) Dawn Rune and briefly encounters Zerase, whom Lymsleia dislikes immediately because of her impertience. The group proceeds to the holy shrine of Lunas for purification in a sacred spring, where Lymsleia comes to realize her relationship with her brother will change as her engagement approaches and is grateful for his kindness, love, and forgiveness, even after how she looked down upon in their childhood. During the Godwin's coup, Lymsleia, Miakis, and Galleon are unable to escape from Zahhak, Alenia, and the Nether Gate members and learn that Arshtat and Ferid are dead. Lymsleia is confined in her room and left to her sorrow. Though she is aware the Godwins intend to use her as a political puppet, Lymsleia agrees to be coronated as queen when Gizel threatens the safety of Miakis and her servants, reassuring Miakis that she has been destined since birth to become Queen of Falena. After Gizel, Zahhak, and Alenia all fail to defeat the Prince, Lymsleia smugly declares that as queen, she will fight on the front lines to end the war as soon as possible to bring peace to her country, despite how she is advised otherwise. Though she speaks sincerely, Lymsleia secretly plans to provide the Prince an opportunity to capture her; her plan is successful until Sialeeds turns against the Prince and returns her niece to the Sun Palace. After the Sun Rune is returned and the war ends, Lymsleia consolidates royal power and dissolves the Senate to prevent any new Godwins or Barows from gaining power just as Sialeeds had intended. Instead of a Senate, the new queen creates a parliament with elected representatives from the towns and gives the beavers and the cave dwarves a voice in government.