Kyle is a member of the Queen's Knights. He has a tendency of being very casual and familiar with his superiors and members of the royal family. He is 24 years old. He frequently clashes with Alenia and Zahhak; while Alenia, a supporter of the Godwin faction, believes that the Sun Rune should be used aggressively, Kyle does not and is mistakenly seen as a supporter of the Barows faction; Kyle's views of Arshtat's actions are seen as open criticism of the Queen, which displeases the uptight and rule-abiding Zahhak.

Kyle was born in Lelcar and was looked after by the aggressive Volga. He enlisted in the army for the Armes invasion and caught Ferid's eye, thus later getting the opportunity to train as a Queen's Knight. He helps the Prince escape from the Sun Palace during the Godwins' coup by helping drive off Dolph and Childerich with Zegai, though he fails in his attempts to save Lymsleia and prevent the Sun Rune from falling in the Godwins' hands. He subsequently helps the Prince navigate through Lelcar's troubles and joins the Prince to free Falena from the Godwins' control. Kyle is something of a playboy and can usually be found on the prowl for girls when not on duty. That said, he also apparently has special feelings for Sialeeds and is one of the people who comment regarding her intentions behind her betrayal. At the end of the Falenan Civil War, he leaves the Queen's Knights, and lives a quiet life abroad.