Reiji Miyabi

ミヤビ・レイジ, Head

Acting leader of the Glittering Crux Brigade, a man that is shrouded in mystery. Leader of the Vanishing Age division, he is also the managing director of the Southern Cross High School. The Northern Maiden is currently imprisoned in his chamber.

Described as "mature than he looks", he isn't much interested with the Glittering Crux affairs instead fulfilling his time to listen to Fish Girl/North Maiden story about "Sam the Squid Piecer" tale. After being dissatisfied with the story ending (The story was allegory to Head & the women that he once met in the past),he asked her to leave immediately. He takes a break from Glittering Crux & handing the position of Vanishing Age leadership temporarily to Manticore. Currently, he's making a painting & it grabs Sugata attention, the man that holds the power of Samekh. Head takes this advantage to get closer to him.

He is Takuto's biological father with Sora. His real name is Tokio Tsunashi

He's piloting cybody Reshbal that looks identical to Tauburn.