He and Sheena are the guardians of the Michina ruins. They are extremely interested in their town's mythology and travel extensively to research it, especially the impact that Arceus's awakening has on the Dragon trio's dimensions. They were present near the plateau of Alamos Town as it was returned to the proper dimension by Palkia at the end of The Rise of Darkrai and later visited the glacier in Gracidea to see Zero's ship after it crashed during the climax of Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Sheena and him explained the legend of Damos to Ash and friends and was present when Arceus attacked Michina Town. While Sheena and the others time traveled to the past thanks to Dialga, he stayed behind and watched the fight between Arceus and the dragon trio. It is also presumed that he has some sort of a romantic relationship with Sheena.