Age: Unknown Occupation: Former King of Doresvenia Eye Colour: Blue (Left Eye) and Yellow (Right Eye) Hair Colour: Grey Relations: Unknown Power: The Eye of Aeon, Visions of the Future Likes: Liselotte Veltoll Verard is the former King of Doresvenia in 11eyes. Verard was deeply in love with Liselotte, as they both agreed that the world should not exist.

Verard's first appearance is in Kakeru's dreams before his Eye awakens. During these dreams, Verard reveals he was the creator and original owner of the Eye of Aeon. It is revealed that Verard was the former King of Doresvenia (Yukiko's home country) 800 years ago, however he was betrayed by a trusted follower and murdered. Verard is said to have met Liselotte 800 years ago before his death, during a time when his country was part of a civil war. Verard had the view that the world shouldn't exist as it was full of hate and destruction, a view shared by Liselotte which she vowed to carry out after learning of his death. Kakeru is told by Shiori that the Holy Office of the Index believed that Verard would awaken inside the Eye of Aeon, take over Kakeru's body and attempt to release Liselotte; a reason why the Black Knights wanted to kill him. During the final battle with Liselotte, Kakeru stops and passionately defies Liselotte saying that he would protect the world because even though there was, there was also good. When Liselotte prepares to attack Kakeru again however, a voice emerged, telling her to stop. Liselotte stops in shock, saying the voice belonged to Verard. He explains that he was wrong in wanting to destroy the world, and that people do care, saying that Kakeru had taught him that. However Liselotte ignores Verard's plea to stop and continues attacking, saying all she wanted was the Eye of Aeon. When Liselotte continues attacking, Verard allows Kakeru to use the Eye of Aeon to seal Liselotte away in a space-time rift.

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