Kuku, an orphan, is the childhood friend of Arua. She was the first person to be willing to talk to Ryner and Ferris when all the villagers were running away from them. After Arua was saved by Ryner, Sui and Kuu abducted Kuku and lie in wait for Arua in an attempt to crystallize his eyes, without knowing that Ryner and Ferris were the rescuers. She was almost killed as a hostage by Sui if not for the intervention of Froaude. Thereafter, together with Arua, she defected to Roland and lived in the Eris mansion.

As Arua has promised to protect her for life, she sees herself as the fiancee of Arua despite her age. Later, she then travels together with Arua, and Ryner's company with the Anti-Roland Coalition.

(Source: Wikipedia)