Mr. Match

The appropriately named Mr. Match is one of the WWW's (World 3's) four primary agents featured throughout the course of the anime series, as well as in the first three Battle Network video games. As his moniker suggests, he has a fixation on heat and fire, always using Fire-type NetNavis like FireMan and HeatMan. He is very close to each of his various Navis over the course of the series, treating them as valued partners and allies, as opposed to the other agents who seem to take theirs for granted. In the game: Mr. Match and FireMan first appeared in Rockman EXE during the WWW incident. In the game Rockman EXE 2, he appeared as a neutral character, saying he didn't know the player, but challenged the player for a battle anyway, using HeatMan. In Rockman EXE 3 Mr. Match once again appeared along with FlameMan as an antagonist. In Rockman EXE 4 he appeared as a possible opponent in a tournament, and it was later revealed that he had gathered old WWW members and set up bombs in the stadium, only to be betrayed by them. In Gregar version of the game Rockman EXE 6, he taught the player how to use Heat Cross. HeatMan can be controlled by the player once they had completed his class. He has a Scottish accent in the English dub.