Hyoue Kazamaki


Ryuuya's father and head of the Fuga clan, a clan of wind magic users who had been forced to serve the Kannagi family as scouts of low-rank for 300 years. Angry at the way the Kannagis and their branch families had been treating the Fuga clan for centuries, Hyoue came up with a plan to wipe out the Kannagi' by resurrecting the Fuga clan's patron god, a powerful wind demon. He puts his plan into motion the moment he hears that Kazuma had returned to Japan using wind magic, knowing that the family would blame Kazuma for the deaths in the Kannagi family.

Though he is successful is reviving their god, he had been sealed for so long that he went insane and turned on the Fuga clan, killing all of them, including Hyoue.