Haru Glory

ハル・グローリー, Rave Master
Haru is a teenage boy who grew up on a small island called Garage Island. His father left him with his mother and sister to find Rave when he was young. Soon after his mother died and he was left alone with his sister. His destiny takes a turn when Shiba gives him the Rave stone passing on the powers of the Rave Master. He first fished Plue the Rave bearer out of the ocean and soon met Shiba the Rave Master. Haru was chosen as the second generation Rave Master by Rave. When he realizes the true threat that Demon Card are to the world he then promised Shiba that he will complete the collection of Rave and end all of Demon Cards evil. He then sets off to find the pieces of Rave to restore peace to the world. Hes like his father Gale Glory never giving up in a battle no matter the circumstances. He is not afraid to die for the protection of the planet. Along the way he found good friends and allies each having their own goals yet were bound together thanks to him and helping each other along the way. He is very friendly and has a lot of energy. He is always there for his friends. He promised to protect Elie and when his friends are hurt he gets really mad and get very motivated to protect them gathering a rush of great strength.