Arisa Uotani

魚谷ありさ, Uo-chan
Arisa is a former gang member a yankee: a Japanese version of the American gangster thug image and has been one of Tohrus closest friends since Tohrus mother helped her escape from the gang called The Ladies when she wanted to leave it. Arisa is tough brash and sometimes violent but cries easily when it comes to her friends. She wears long skirts carries a lead pipe and often speaks like a man in Japanese different word choices can categorize a speaker as male or female. Arisa likes to play cards protect Tohru from Yukis fangirls and swim. Her convoluted personality stems from home problems early in her life when her mother left Arisa and her father for another man her father became an alcoholic after his rejection. This caused Arisa to become harsh and jaded in her views of the world until she met the kind Tohru and her mother Kyoko. With her overprotective and rather parental protection of Tohru with Hanachan she comes off as the brash and direct father figure.