Kodaka Hasegawa

羽瀬川 小鷹, Taka, Pudding Head

The protagonist, a transfer student who has not been able to make friends in his first month at St, Chronica's. Of all of the members of the club, he is the most gentle, balanced and socially competent in personality; but his unusual hair color, inherited from his late English mother, leads classmates to assume he is a violent and abusive delinquent and spread defamatory rumors about him. Because of his long experience of antagonism, Kodaka has become accustomed to fighting and can defend himself quite well. His father is working in the United States, and so he takes care of his younger sister alone at home, which has also made him a good cook. His childhood was characterized by frequent movement, and as a result he has few memories related to home life and close friendships; however, though he does not realize it at first, he and Yozora were childhood friends before his family moved.

In Volume 7 of the Light Novel, it was revealed that Kodaka and Sena are fiancés betrothed by their father's which Sena fully accepts.

In the end of Volume 7 it is shown that Kodaka has been aware of the feelings of those around him for a very long time but plays ignorant because he fears losing the feeling of friendship that he wanted for such a long time.

In Volume 8, Kodaka asks Rika to be his friend. This is the first time Kodaka has made a true friend in a decade since Yozora.