Yae Towada

十和田 八重

Yae visits Hinamizawa with her boyfriend, Takumi, after the lockdown ends. She and Takumi stay in the Furude Shrine for the night and the lights attract the attention of the others, causing them all to meet.

Though Takumi is believed to still be alive and just sleeping at this point, he is actually already dead. The group eventually realizes that she is the one who killed Takumi, having finally grown tired of his constant abuse of her. When she hears his plans to fix their relationship and his sorrow over how he treated her, she falls into a state of despair and chooses to stay behind with his body. The group leaves her with a gun, and it seems she might commit suicide. In the end, she instead chooses to come to Otobe's rescue with the gun. She plans to turn herself in once they leave the village, and start her life over again.