Hagal is the number 2 demon in Niflheim. She can manipulate perceived reality making illusionary attacks seem real. Hagal is a powerful demon who takes the control of NiflheimmdashThe Hellmdashin a rebellion against Hild. She is the second in the power in Hell and jails Hild because she thinks Hild has lost the power and glory of the demon world. She has an elaborated plan to get more share of wishes on Earth. ChibiHild is attacked by Hagall039s servants on earth and she goes with Belldandy to get help and fight against her. Hagall has an elaborated plan to destroy everything related to the Goddesses the history is developing actually in the mangamdashchapters 240 till 252. Hagall usually talks about herself in third person and she has a lot of servants who fight with her. Her powers includes mental control and hypnotism and she uses against her enemies. She is a very selfish and ambitious in fact she does not consider the energetic health of Heaven and Hell brought by humans039 contracts during the shifting of the equilibrium when her demons grant too many wishes.