Introduced in Volume 2 this dragon was born with three heads. In human form it is portrayed as a little girl with three distinct personalities. According to Shuko quotThe simplest explanation is that we039re triplets that were all born with the same bodyquot. The triplets are: Shuko the responsible one Kanan the violent one and Junrei the childish one. According to Shuko each one of them was strongly influenced by the person who helped birth them. Shuko was born 60 years ago and since then had been raised by the Count. Her two other sisters had hatched more recently. Kanan had hatched after being held by Leon in Volume 2. Junrei had hatched after being held by a young boy the grandchild of Mr. Smith to whom her egg was accidentally given. Each one had taken on the personality of the last person to hold them while still in the egg. Kanan has the tendency to bully Junrei by pulling their hair. After meeting Chris he made a contract with them and like Ponchan they can get slightly jealous when he notices someone else.